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I got my hands on Extra Chilli


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I was able to get my hands on a demo of the latest @Big Time Gaming official Game Extra Chilli, which is the runner-up for Bonanza. 

Here's a small tease of what to come tomorrow, 22.03  when I do my full Hands-On review for you guys



Stay tuned! Extra Chilli Slot will be dangerous indeed :D Had a blast trying it out a bit today. 

Read our initial thoughts on Extra Chilli here, and bookmark that page as I'll be posting as many screens as I'm allowed to the next few days :)




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2 minutes ago, Craig smith said:

@Hans-Martin looks good hans the new slot. Im sure there will be plenty of huge wins posted up on the forum when its released.  It looks along the lines of buy bonuses again. But the volatility will be huge i assume and that is what alot of players want. BTG leading the way still. ??. Good stuff?.

I assume higher volatility than White Rabbit since the buy feature option is 50x on Extra Chili compared to White Rabbit's 100x.

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@masterDD if thats the case thats what wee want. Huge volatile slots that can pay a man or a woman 25000 x wins for just a £1 stake. Thats why wee play BTG and thats the love+lure. Like nick banged in 20,000 win on queen of riches allbeit that was on a £4 stake i think( correct me if im wrong thare nick) life changing money to people in 1 spin/bonus. And thats why in my opinion BTG lead the way. Volatility. Extra chilli is welcomed with open arms???.

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@Hans-Martin had a look at the link hans and i cant wait for extra chilli.  comes out in casino's on the 4 th of april im sure i read somewhare. ? I have read about the slot through your link and ITS JUST WHAT WEE NEED hans☺☺. And BTG dont dissapoint. There will be some massive wins posted up and i look forward to it.

Cant wait. The theme in BTG games/slots hans with 117,000 odd megaways has given players hope in the fact that in hitting a bonus, can pay life changing money. 

The construct and design, thought, effort that goes into making these games/slots is at the top of the tree. Number 1. The answer to you at BTG being number 1 is volatility. Simple as that. 

The slots are alot of fun to play aswel. What i would say hans is keep them coming. Biggest win i have seen is nick who is heavily involved with casinogrounds and a streamer himself. Nick won 20 grand from queen of riches. Just majic. 

Cant wait for extra chilli. Looks so good. Roll on opening day???.

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@Hans-Martin looks good extra chilli. The most dangerous part of the slot is the gamble on the bonus. If you lose you lose any free spins. So say alot of hard work to get bonus then decide to gamble and lose thats it. But it could go the other way. And players could end up with 16-20 spins etc. On the whole with the buy feature aswel it all looks YEEE HA!!!???. Bring on opening day.  Also if 3 pots come along the bottom during the bonus im sure it said thats a re trigger. Be an xtra 8 spins i assume ? Have to clarify that but there will be a retrigger facility in the bonus. It may be an xtra 4 spins and not 8. Anyway it looks and sounds very good. Be some massive wins posted up on the forum.

Thanks for posting the video up and giving us the players a look at the finished version. ☺?.

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