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Gambling Commission will implement a £2 a spin on UK players! Same for Online Casinos?


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Wonder if Gambling Commission will implement a £2 a spin on UK players for online casino?

Encouraging news from the Gambling Commission, which recommends a reduction in maximum stakes for highly-addictive fixed odds betting terminals.

The News has been campaigning for just that, but although we welcome the commission’s recommendation, we are not satisfied it goes far enough.


Currently people can bet up to £100 every 20 seconds on electronic casino games, such as roulette and blackjack.


We launched our Against The Odds campaign because of the large numbers of people falling into hardship through addiction to fixed odds betting terminals, branded the ‘crack cocaine’ of the gambling industry.


Working alongside councillors and MPs, our campaign aimed to lobby the government to impose a £10 per spin restriction on machines.

In one respect the commission has gone further, saying the maximum stake on ‘slots games’, like traditional fruit machine games, should be £2.

But for other types of games, like casino-style roulette games, it recommended a £30 per stake limit.

Gambling Commission chief executive Neil McArthur said: ‘We’ve put consumers at the heart of our advice — advice which is based on the best available evidence and is focused on reducing the risk of gambling-related harm.


‘In our judgment, a stake cut for Fixed Odds Betting Terminals alone doesn’t go far enough to protect vulnerable people.

‘That is why we have recommended a stake cut plus a comprehensive package of other measures to protect consumers. We have proposed actions that will tackle both the risk of harm and provide solutions that are sustainable in the longer term.’

These include working with the gambling industry and others on steps to make limit-setting more effective — this could include ending sessions when consumers reach time and money limits.

The advice has been given to support the government with its review of gambling machines, with a decision expected in coming weeks.


We are pleased that the gambling commission has acknowledged the problem these machines pose, but we hope the government will go further and impose a £2 maximum stake for fruit-machine style games and £10 for casino games, rather than the recommended £30.

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26 minutes ago, Nicola said:

Would never come into force online as there are too many jurisdictions involved.

However, a limit of buying £500, £1000, £2000 bonuses on White Rabbit and Extra Chilli would be likely at some point. I would personally welcome that.

I think they'll have to go after online eventually.  

If betting > £2 in a betting shop or > £5 in a casino is considered potentially harmful and likely to increase problem gambling then it can't be any less so online.

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They've announced that the FOBT limits will be £30 a spin... still means a lot of money can be lost in a small space of time.


In terms of online casinos I can't see it going that way as many of the online casinos are based offshore anyway. However, many if you are playing with bonuses offered have tight rules nowadays anyway like max £2 or £5 spin or caps on winnings, cassave group only allowing £400 cashout for example (the latter of which I find disgusting and have been stung by many times)

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