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Clean 1000x on base game Dragons Treasure


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1 hour ago, Craig smith said:

@0AKH3ART beautiful picture man. Actually the first time i have seen a full line of the top symbol. Its a shame you didnt up the stake but al bet you were buzzing when this dropped in. And an xtra congratulations for doing all this from a £20 deposit. 1000x win. Well done and enjoy your win.??. Thanks for posting it up.

Thanks man, i was quick spinning so i didn't get to see em' drop individually but aye, for like 5AM in the morning i was hyped! haha Thanks man, and no worries - glad you liked it :D

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9 hours ago, Craig smith said:

@0AKH3ART sweet man, 5 am. What an alarm clock that is. Enjoy and a good post/video/picture deserves a nice comment back as a thankyou for posting it up??.

Woke up with toothache, rang in sick for work, then this happened. Some would call it fate, Thankyou man :)

7 hours ago, Nicola said:

Nice line hit. Never seen that before either in the base game!

Thanks, its top symbol so i imagine its super rare - i don't even really see streamers other than Chip playing this game anymore :( 

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