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Moon Princess Ultra Big Win


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Been a while since we had a decent bonus on Moon Princess, but she is back and kicking butt like no other with the bonus. Picked Love. 

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@Smackdowncasino  hello my good man, i have watched this on youtube chi and its added to my like and saved video's. The other being the montezuma hit and your bonanza hit. Well moon princess has been cold lately to you and you were due a good bonus.. Its funny because if you watch it back you say your going for star but you take love. I think your that used to going love its like an automatic reaction to go thare. ( maybe).?. Anyway chi man was a nice 500x win and im pleased you got it as it was the crown of the bonus hunt. Super congrats bud and enjoy!??. And your haircut is fine chi, refreshing. ?.

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