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Montezuma 119 freespins bonus 756x


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Biggest single win on Montezuma for me. Amazing freespins and tons of retriggers on 10x. Shout out to @Craig smith who registered to Twitch just to watch my stream today for the first time and suggested to play Montezuma. Amazing guy and very friendly active member here on the forum. 

Nice cashout at the end of the stream and a 4-digit profit, happy days. 

Please subscribe to my Youtube channel if you like what you see. Also follow me on Twitch.tv/smackdowncasino. You can see my schedule when I am not online. 

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@Smackdowncasino thanks my good man for your kind words above. I thourally enjoyed the stream and yip montezuma just took off for you buddy. Getting that 10x then retriggers galore. Was a fun ride. So pleased for you getting that win. I have watched it a couple of times on youtube and its went into my (like) thumbs up section. Hears hoping that starts to build aswel. It will, Also its a super post to put up in CG. Thank god i got twitch account up and running. Super congrats and enjoy!!???.

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