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Exluded from the casino...


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hello hope u all are fine:). When u request a permaemnt closure of a casino and the answer u that the acount is exkluded! what does this mean? for me i understand that i will never be able to reopen it again. But the casino i played on had reopenit for me severals time and i have lost about 7k euro from that day they ”exkluded” me. Can i request a payback on my deposits or is it wrong by me. Yes i have problem with gambling and they could easyli se that on my behavor and in my desperate mails to them. The casino i talk about is Royal panda. I have write a mail to them but no answers.?o

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Do you have printscreens to support your claim that they confirmed that your account is closed for life? 
And after that you could open it several times? 

Well, then yes you have a case so that the casino might get a small warning. 
Will you get any money back? Not likely. 

Casinos are 95%+ criminal scumbags. 
People behind casinos are those kind of people that would sell their own sisters and mothers to get money. 
Morals = 0. 

I have made a few mistakes in life. I however made right and fixed it every time. 
A casino will not make right. They want your money and don't care a dime about you or any other player.

What do the casinos care about? 

Well, easy. They care about streamers and ads on tv/radio.
Streamers and ads lure new people in this ugly business. 
Profit for streamer and profit for the company. 

Now a few streamers might come here and say. That is not the case. I am true honest guy.  I said it on stream so it must be true. 
The only streamer I would seriously respect would be a streamer without affiliate links and even then I would be sceptic.

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33 minutes ago, slot85 said:

Yes i have a mail wich says my acount is exkluded.. I dont agree that they are criminals and scumbag actully. 

Well, you are entitled to your opinion of course. 

Does the email say it's permanent and it can't be opened again under any circumstances? 
Can you printscreen what the email says? Hide any sensitive information you don't want to share with the world.

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I don know how to hide personal details from my phone. But it say like this ”as requested you’ve now exkluded from playing at royal panda.... and just to make sure im not trying to blakname the casino. They have treated me good in all ways.  

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Got an answer now. They wont refund me because the funds where used to ENJOY the games ho fuckd my life. so be careful when u exklude and they let u open the acount again for protektion they use 7 days. this they cal that they care about customer. 

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i dont know if this is a troll topic since there is broken grammar everywhere but i'll tell you one thing:


closing your acocunt is often for one year / half a year. when the casino gives you the option for how long you want your account closed it could also have the option ''lifetime'', this means your account is blocked forever and that you can't login on your account and use it.


''lifetime'', the word says it all, see it as a prison sentence, you won't have acces to your account on that site anymore and there is no way to get it reopened due the terms and conditions you accepted at closing the account.


my advice: get help for your gambling addiction, if you can't fix it on your own trying it yourself will end badly so just get help, its for your own good.

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No im not a troll im just really bad writin in english but i am trying:) 

Im not talking about closing acount. Im talking about exklude the acount permemntly wich idid. I know the differens betwen those. Ive playd casino from 2010

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