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Rebranding my channel, smackdowncasino is born


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Hi hi,

Most of you know me here as Ki4Life. This was my previous Twitch and Youtube name. Used to play Killer Instinct competitively but since I am not streaming Ki anymore there really was no point in keeping that name. People were asking me why my name was Ki4Life but streaming casino games. 

So after a long search I came up with Smackdowncasino as my stream used to be called the Smackdown Hotel because I loved Ki but also the WWE shows from the '90. So to keep some reference with my old channel I decided to name the channel Smackdowncasino where we layeth the smackdown on all them slots their candy asses. 

I also got a steady schedule now streaming from 8pm to 11pm Mon to Fri and weekends will be random. Catch these hands on twitch.tv/smackdowncasino. Also since this week I officially joined the CG streamers team and I am featured on here as well so you know when I am online. 

Thanks for your time and hopefully see you in my stream!



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