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hi! we need your help!


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hello members of casinogrounds,


before reading anything furthur i would like to ask you to take your time reading this topic, i would like to ask everyone to share their experience and tips about gambling, so please, lets help eachother out. i know its a long story, but i would like to help everyone who needs it, since im seeing addictions are growing over the time..


i myself started gambling 2 years ago, i started with slots and roulette, and over the years i tried some other games aswell (dreamcatcher, blackjack, poker etc.). i recently joined this forum because i liked the stream of kim and wanted to check this out. now over the last past weeks i noticed people are having issue's with their gambling or they blame it on providers (... is sh*t etc.). therefore i think we should create a topic with how we all think we should play, share your thoughts about it and maybe tell somthing of your own experience.


for example, try a little story with your thoughts with these questions:

-if i would want to start, what should i do?

- how to handle with deposits?

-after a win, when should you actually stop?

-losing streaks; how to deal with them?

-what to do if you can't stop playing?

-do you think streamers cause people to gamble?


this is your opinion and the opinion of others! don't start a huge discussion, if you have differences then please do that on discord or in any kind of other cheat


i will start with my experience over the last year, buttwide naked.


in the beginning of the year i used to do small deposits, play once a week or maybe just twice in a month, the small stuff. after i have won some money and i discovered new games i started gambling a bit more, nothing real serious though. but after a while i found myself in a place i thought i had to win my losing back. this is where it went downhill for a while. i started depositing more money on sites and afterwards i would regret it, i told myself to stop for a while and in the beginning it worked. but later it didn't anymore. before the beginning of the summer i lost a lot, more then i would want and this could have some consequentes to party's i wanted to go to in the summer, since i couldn't go to them all anymore. if i would have gambled less i could..

then in the first week of the summer i tried my final luck on montezuma and it payed a lot back and because of this i did have the luck to go to every party i wanted to go to. but i want to tell everyone, this also could have gone bad. after the whole summer i wanted to earn a lot of my money back and i made my final deposit in august, and even with that deposit i hit the insane amount of luck with 300 shields. i got in one week time around 6000x and 3600x, and because of this i got the money back i lost over the year. 

nowadays, current situation, i am thinking when to deposit and when not to. the last year was a real learning experience for me if it comes to gambling. the hotstreak in august was insane luck, but i want to tell you all, this also couldn't have happend, and it wasn't needed in the first place  if i would step back in the begin of the year...


nowadays i know how to handle my gambling and after winning or losing i know how to handle with that to, i will tell the truth, didn't do it by myself, watching the stream of kim / nickslots and paul (rocknrolla) helped me with some great tips.


so my point of view on gambling with the short questions:


-if i would want to start, what should i do?

start with deposit / losing limits immediatly and keep using them

i didn't do this in the begin of the year and it caused me to lose a big amount in one day, and the next day / same evening i would think by myself; why couldn't i just quit? 

if i would have started with limits i couldn't bypass them, since the cooldown to remove them is 7days.


-how to handle with deposits?

deposit what you can afford you hear this many times but it seems to slip trough our hands often, pay every bill you have first and think of what you want to do in the month you get your paycheck. if you want to go to serveral party's and maybe buy somthing then know how much you have left to try your luck.


-after a win, when should you stop?

before starting you should have a goal where you want to go to (dont make it a impossible one). like 4times your deposit or whatever, when you reach it cash out. did you win huge and you want to continue, then cash out the first amount, lock that ammount if possible and continue with the last bit, just don't throw away your winnings since you will be dissapointed afterwards (been there aswell..)


-losing streaks, how to deal with them?

never get the thought you have to win your money back, this is where i slipped. i tried my luck and afterwards i bumped my head bigtime because of it. if you can handle your deposit limits, you sure as hell can deal with losing streaks too.


-what to do if you can't stop gambling?

my experience is to never try it on your own. because it also didn't help me much. i went bad in a stage where i simply bypassed deposit limits by joining a different casino, since there are so many these days. if you really can't stop, then talk about it. after seeing this forum over the last month's i can tell people can help you here and they are open for it, thats why i also have the guts to share my story how it went bad. if you have an addiction, or you get in trouble, tell your story and we could provide you with our experience and tips.


-do you think streamers cause people to gamble?

now this is a pity one, i saw everyone has a different opinion about this one and i will share mine. for me streamers do not cause people to gamble or get me back to gamble even more. after im done with a session or i feel like ''wanting to do slots'' i always go to twitch and just watch another one. its live so its fun to watch since anything can happen within a second ;). Also i prefer some channels the most like letsgiveitaspin and nickslots, simply because they are also very active with the chat and when i would have a question about gambling in the chat they are really helpfull. so keep that up guys! watching streams and watching this forum helps me to not gamble any further, i can see others and it feels the same doing it yourself since you know the games, you know how they work


everyone is different. this is my reaction to watching streams and the forum, in the forum i like to help people with questions and i enjoy watch people winning. but for some people watching the forum / streams gets them back in the gambling sessions. so for them it could be a downfall, try to find the thing that works the best for you to not gamble, maybe a computer game, maybe a hobby, who knows. maybe if you dare, you could ask friends / relatives to do somthing or hang out, get your head off of it.


so thanks my story and my point of view, its my opinion about it, so it can be your opinion is different ;)

didn't double check my grammar but i think that isn't needed since i have spend enough time with my story now, if you would want to, then maybe tell somthing about your experience or share your thoughts, aswell for online and landbased.


kind regards,





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Hi Tim,

Thanks for your thread, long read, loads of questions, bummed you didnt mention me :D Here is my opinion on the questions you have. 

- if i would want to start, what should i do?                                                                                                   Just start? Some will want to play on a specific site already, some may not. I recommend to do a research on what you are looking for in a gambling site (slots, sportsbetting, live casino, etc). Also most sites have good welcome bonuses, so it might be worthwhile to check before you register. When I check for other sites to play I check for the games and welcome bonuses plus review of the site

- how to handle with deposits?                                                                                                                               This of course differs per person, do you have different options or are you limited to one. I dont recommend creditcard transfers but always banktransfers because gambling with credit is basically gambling with money that you do not own. Just check what is available and see what works for you best. Personally I use banktransfer only since you do not pay fee and withdrawing money is fast

-after a win, when should you actually stop?                                                                                                       Some set winning goals, some cashout every win. Just go what you feel works for you. Personally I have no set goals. I usually go by flow. If I do get lucky and have a good size bankroll but then going into a cold streak I set a min bankroll amount and cashout that amount. If I decide to continue to play then I have to redeposit with a lower amount

-losing streaks; how to deal with them?                                                                                                                Even when you are lucky (beginners luck) do keep in mind these machines are made by commercial manufacturers and run by online casino's who make money of them. So in the long run house always wins and you gonna have cold streaks. Now that you know this, to manage them set the max amount you can with. Most casino's have the option of deposit limits, use them if you do not want to overspend what you can afford. Gambling is fun, it will never be a job based on profits alone.

-what to do if you can't stop playing?                                                                                                                     The first step to the solution is admitting and recognizing that you have a problem. There are professional people who can help to get you to this stage or help even when you think it is too late. Just like any other addition do not think you will handle this on your own. Talking about it and have someone to coach/help you is the right path. I recommend https://www.begambleaware.org/

-do you think streamers cause people to gamble?                                                                                             It can definitely be an incentive for people to get the urge to gamble. This is totally ok of course. The choice whether or not to go gamble is totally on the individual though. You can not blame streamers for sharing their gambling experience with the world and the possible losses you get. This was discussed in a seperate thread on how streamers would be dangers for addicted gamblers. 

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