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500 spins for bonanza bonus?


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I have been playing bonanza for quite a while now, but it never seems to give me the bonus concidering giving me 70 teases.. have anyone given it a try and found out how many spins u have to spin before the bonus lands? Approxamently, not 100% sure :4head:
Today i played 250 spins on the slot without any bonus, but it payed some nice 20x 50x wins, so i can't complain :P
Appriciate any respons :-D

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I played this for a month when it came out and did nearly 1200 spins before a bonus then get 3 bonuses within 25 spins after that, I play it alot, and you do have to grind at it sometimes but when it hits it really hits, had plenty of 600-800x hits as well as 1300x 1470x and 2200x all on £1 or £2 stakes

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