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Voodoo dreams don’t verify account and delayed withdrawal…

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Hi Gamblers, anyone can me help? write this email for you and explain all situation what I have, maybe you can take a look and can help on this unbelievable issues what I got. 

The issue is related to the verification and withdrawal process. 

I opened the account and made 3x deposits with Voodoo Dreams casino (registered as SuprPlay Ltd, operates as NYspins & Duelz Casino) end of May (please see the attachment – File1). 

Deposits made: £717.5; £153.75; £1486.25 (also visible on statement – refer to File1) 

I was extremally lucky, and I won a big amount of money – straight after that as a responsible player I requested a withdrawal of £25 000. Up to this stage, Voodoo Dreams never asked me to provide any verification documents and was happy to accept my deposits and allowed me to play. 

The next day when I went on a live chat to chase for my withdrawal – the support team advised, me to do not to worry as withdrawal takes up to 48h. After this conversation, my pending withdrawal has been returned to the account balance (please see the attachment – File2). I have been shocked that the pending withdrawal has been returned to my account, as I am aware as per new UK Gambling Commission regulations any player's pending withdrawal can’t be returned to the player’s account. As the winning amount was huge and I was afraid to start gambling again, I decided that I need to stop my gambling activity, so I went to GameStop and self-excluded myself (please find the attachment – File3). 

After this stage, the biggest "fun" begins. 

I received an email with the request to provide more documents (File 4). Please be aware that previously I provided/uploaded all the requested documents directly to Voodoo account. 

Please see all the attached files I provided to the casino (files 5-10) – apparently, all provided was not enough to verify my account. Then I received a further email from Voodoo with the request to explain almost every single transaction on my bank statement (please see the attached File-11). I appreciate that the request to provide my payslip and source of funds is reasonable (I highlighted to Voodoo several times that my deposit has been made by using funds that I won in another casino – perfectly visible on my statement). 

I have been extremely concerned that Voodoo started to request documents and data related to 3rd parties. 

Thankfully my friends and family members have been very supportive and agreed to share this personal and sensitive data – I sent over all requests to Voodoo Dreams (please see attachments Files 12-22). Voodoo came back with confirmation that my source of funds has been approved, but they still need more documents to be provided. Voodoo has kept asking about transactions from Limited company – I explained that back in January 2023 I loaned some money to my mother's cousin, and it's been highlighted that there was no official loan agreement signed (legally you don't need an agreement if loaning money to friends or family) and all been based on trust and agreed verbally (I never had any interest earned) and at this stage (20/06/2023) loan is fully repaid. Voodoo told that a signed letter from the owner of the Limited company with his ID is not enough for them and they requiring to provide a backdated signed and notarised loan agreement (please refer to File 23). We had a conversation with a notary and solicitor – they confirmed that this letter should be accepted as a legal document, and they weren't able to understand the concern of this request. We are not happy go to the notary and backdate the loan agreement for the loan which today is fully repaid – especially since there is no legal requirement for that. 

That's not the end of the story, Voodoo also requested my uncle's legitimacy of the funds – my uncle has been happy to provide his tax returns for the last 2 years (Files 24-25). Apparently, it was not enough to prove my uncle's legal income – please be aware that I highlighted that my uncle has been sending money to me using his personal money/savings. 

I am extremely confused about how all this requested data/documents related to my verification or withdrawal. 

In my personal opinion, I provided enough documents to verify my account (even 3rd party data has been submitted). 

At this stage, it seems that Voodoo is delaying and overcomplicating verification just to hold my legal win. I am extremally concerned that there is no one who can control and make sure that Voodoo is not exceeding authority. It was not the first time I won in the casino, but never had such a horrible experience, Voodoo is doing everything to overcomplicate the verification and keep my funds.
NOTE: (My last email to voodoodreams) Hello,maybe you wish to receive my bank statements for the last 12 months ? And let's start to investigate every transaction for fun ?
All provided by myself is clearly enough to verify my account, over 30 documents have been sent including 3rd party ID's and signed letters, but you are still stating that my account is not verified as you cant receive 3rd party bank statements and notarized loan agreement between myself and my family relative for the loan which today (21/06/2023) is fully repaid ? 

Jan Chodzko is not providing to myself any other sensitive data and does not wish to hear anything related to Voodoo as he states Voodoo Dreams are scammers.
The Limited Company director is not happy to waste his personal time and go to the notary to sign a backdated agreement for the loan which today (21/06/2023) is fully repaid.
The Limited Company director is not happy to get involved in my (Kamila Vagizova) account verification process with Voodoo. 

This verification process affected my mental health, it affected my relationship with family members, relatives and friends as I asked them to share very sensitive data, as Voodoo pushed me to do that without giving any other choice. I spent loads of time explaining to my friends and family members the reason why I am asking them to share personal information with Voodoo. It caused me loads of effort to provide all what Voodoo was requesting – not only physically but also mentally.
I am registered with GamStop and don't wanna be related to gambling but Voodoo is holding my legal win and refusing to verify my account without giving me the opportunity to just enjoy my FINAL win.
The psychological pressure I received from Voodoo Dreams is unbelievable, there was no support or cooperation from Voodoo – my health was strongly affected. I am stressing out, I can't properly sleep or work as the requests I am getting from Voodoo are unreasonable and unbelievable.
I am coming to the stage when I will need mental support as it takes weeks to verify my account and get my legal win. 

I don't understand how my verification cannot be completed because third parties are not happy to share personal data with Voodoo???
Third parties do not wish to cooperate or share personal finances with Voodoo – how can I force them to do that ???
I can't force anyone to sign a document or backdated loan agreement!!! 

Voodoo Dreams states that my account cannot be verified based on the provided documents: 

Driving License (front & back)
Selfie with driving license
Water bill (proof of address)
Bank card (used for deposit)
Bank statement
Payslip (proof source of funds)
Another bank statement (where the salary goes) 

Signed letters and proofs of ID from third parties (6 individuals) with explanation of transactions made to my bank account (not even related to Voodoo deposits)
Signed and dated letter from limited company director (who is family relative – confirming that been returning loaned money to my bank account)
Limited company director added a Company ownership certificate 

That was not enough for Voodoo:
To proof legitimacy of funds – third party tax return for the last two years 


I cannot understand how Voodoo Dreams have permission to not verify my account after providing all the listed documents ?
Why does my verification depend on third parties' decision to share or not to share personal sensitive data? 

Please help me to finalise this endless verification process


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Sadly many UKGC casinos take advantage of this S.O.W. implemented by the UKGC and sites usually use it to stall withdrawals. Funny how UKGC ban reversing pending withdrawals but now sites just simply don't allow you to withdraw. It's dirty tactics and one of the reasons I stopped gambling at online casinos. Sadly UKGC doesn't seem bothered as a casino can choose when to apply these S.O.W. checks (funny how it's always a withdrawal). Your case though seems very complicated. The loan situation etc seems like the site is checking for laundering or something. 

The only advice I can give is to write a complaint via their complaints procedure and UKGC rules state they have 8 weeks to come to a suitable resolution. If you're not happy with the resolution you go to their ADR (usually IBAS). If you're legit, IBAS are great from what I've witnessed and I'm positive you'll eventually get your money.

Best of luck!

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Hello, Jase thanks so much in your answer. This casino ADR is a eCOGRA. I have provided for Due diligence team all parties ID with signed and dated letters. And in my statement clearly visible I have made deposit on money who win in another casino because have withdraw 7k-Hal send to savings and half some deposit in voodoodreams to try my luck again. And it’s happened have win x10 000 on Nolimit slot Disturbed on 2 pound stake. After that I make decisions to registering to GAMSTOP because it’s huge win and can little change my life, but for now I get more problems than have before, because this situation it’s stressful and strongly impacted me day to day life. Already provided 30 documents who casino ask me and still no enough for them… and now third parties family members and friends don’t want speak with me regarding this problem, and say you deposited in scammers site and forgot about this win and don’t want give any support on this case…now I am stay alone with this terrible situation…and don’t anyone can help me..

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@Kamilamilalaah sorry I thought you wasyin the UK when you was talking about £s. Such a shame because IBAS I used 3 times including a situation similar to yours and IBAS made the site pay. I've no idea how eCOGRA works but have you got a final resolution from voodoo dreams? You need and email from them confirming they're not paying you out and this is the final decision. Then you show this to eCOGRA. I'll try and help as much as I can but you need a final response from voodoo dreams

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Hi again Jase really many thanks for your advice and I see you same worries about me situation this little helps me stay normally in this situation.

Regarding final letter, yes I got them,have requested and received. I copy/paste  on end of this post please take look is case/final decision number my player ID also.

Have rised complain to eCOGRA. And have eCOGRA reference case number. 
I wish streamers who I time to time looking Kim You Slotsspinner… same have big Power to help resolve this situation. Your streaming follow millions potential players…

Because this what I have with casino just never ending story: already 43 emails with Due diligence team in evry email ask me new and new documents who not related with my verification and withdrawal but asking about third parties documentation: on last request third parties statements, backdated loan agreement who need sign with Notary… I lost trust with family and friends don’t cooperate with me on this case anymore. 
Casino just don’t want pay because when I provided all Third parties ID ( signet and dated) company director also provided business owners documents with explanations about transactions same sign and dated casino ask another and continually delay withdrawal my biggest withdrawal and last on my casino gaming story…

I understand 25k it’s not million but how much I have problems in my head… If players win 100k or million… I am sure just end is one on this player life…

Casino replay:

Good afernoon Kamila,
Please accept my apologies for not getting back to you on Friday but I was taken out of office unexpectedly. 
Please be informed, your case reference is: 319196. Your VoodooDreams account ID is 1037085. If you would like to contact your Data Protection Officer, you can do so via DPO@suprnation.com.
As stated previously, we aim to resolve this is soon as possible but please be aware that the procedures we follow are in line with the regulations set out by the UKGC.
Kind regards,
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If what you pasted at the bottom is their response, it's not an actual final response. They're just saying they're aiming to resolve it and they have 8 weeks. Unless you can show me where they've wrote to you where it says 'final response/decision' they're still trying to resolve it. eCOGRA won't get involved until they've done this if they're similar to IBAS 

@Kamilamilalaread this rule by the Gambling Commission. They have 8 weeks before an ADR will get involved;


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I am so sorry @IguanaBob that my english is  not perfect, I am in UK for only 6 years and this is not my native language, but to tell that someone is scammer because english is not good… my finnancials are not over complicated, I provided a bank statement where perfectly visible that deposit been made from win in another casino. I provided so many documents, but casino been asking for more and more up to the stage when I am not in a position to do that, because it is related to third party decisions.

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@Original Jase Now I show last email who Due diligence team: 

Dear Kamila,

Thank you for your continued correspondence. We fully understand and acknowledge the points raised in your email.
As a regulated online casino operator, we are required to adhere to stringent procedures in line with standards set by our governing bodies. These processes involve not only verifying the direct source of funds utilized but also establishing the broader Source of Wealth of our customers. This includes the origin of funds that may have been received from third parties.
Our requests for additional documentation are in compliance with these regulatory requirements. We have explained our need for these documents in several of our previous communications.
Regrettably, if we do not receive the necessary documentation we have previously requested, we are unable to proceed further with your account verification.
We recommend referring your case to our Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) provider, eCOGRA, for an impartial review.
We regret any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.
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@Kamilamilala ok so they're wrong about their ADR. 

'Third Instance: Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

VoodooDreams has appointed IBAS UK as its ADR provider.


It is IBAS for the UK. I would now visit the website and submit your claim there. No idea why they're saying eCOGRA when it's not even wrote in their terms on their website but if you're being genuine, I would not make any more contact with voodoo and leave IBAS to deal with it and this can take some time due to the amount that use IBAS. I believe IBAS have 3 months 

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@Original Jase before I write here any comments have try submitting complaint in IBAS. And in option” company name” in IBAS site don’t show any SuprPlay limited casinos. After that I have send email to IBAS ask about this and get answer:

Dear Kamila


I’m sorry for the confusion, it has now emerged that VoodooDreams has indeed switched to eCOGRA.

I had checked their complaints policy which still refers to IBAS (I had included that in my first response to you).


However, I have now looked at their full terms and conditions (since you mentioned that) and that sayseCOGRA.


Perhaps you could alert them to the error – which fooled me.

To reach eCOGRA, see https://ecogra.org/alternative-dispute-resolution/

Resolver seems to refer everyone to IBAS regardless. Frankly, it is little help for betting disputes.

I do hope you can now solve your situation quickly.


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@Original Jase Yes I have submitted claim to eCOGRA and they came back with the request of evidence/proofs associated with my claim. Please see attached file below.PHOTO-2023-06-26-18-40-50.thumb.jpg.6c2b6361545821834938cd9b363a4bce.jpg

I have provided: ID, Selfie with ID, Bank Card used for Deposit, bank Statement for this debit card, my payslip, statement where my salary goes to, Third parties ( 6 individuals- friends, family members) ID with explanations about all transactions on my statement (want to highlight it is clearly visible on the statement that deposit been made from win in another casino, not from third parties transactions). Company director ID with letter confirming he borrowed money from myself and Company ownership certificate to proof he is a director. All listed signed by third parties and dated. 
My uncles tax returns for the last two years to proof legitimacy of funds.
And now casino requires statement from the third party and go to Notary with company director to sign backdated loan agreement ( today loan is fully repaid).

Like I mentioned previously anyone from third parties on this stage do not want to cooperate and share any other personal data with Voodoo, as they just can’t believe and stating Voodoo just scammers… Company owner who is family relative  refusing go and sign back dated loan agreement with Notary for the repaid loan.  

Everyone probably thinks I go mad and something wrong with after all this withdrawal drama.

 @Original Jase it is not first time I won in casino, but never experienced such a horrible attitude from legal game provider… 

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@KamilamilalaI'm still a bit confused why you're still in contact with voodoo. I see eCOGRA have confirmed they'll look at the case once you submit evidence ( i would also send all conversations with voodoo if you haven't already) and it can take upto 90 days. I would ignore anything the site says to you and wait on a response from eCOGRA. 

I have had similar from videoslots but after I let ibas deal with it they finally paid up

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@Original Jase I am not dealing with casino. Case opened in eCOGRA and now waiting updates. Just share last email who have send to Due Diligence team and end conversation:

Good afternoon Guy, 

Can I just clarify as I keep trying to understand Voodoo verification politics. 
I would definitely agree with your request if at this stage my account would be on hold as I just made a deposit and Voodoo wants to make sure about the source of funds and your customers wealth. But Voodoo dreams accepted deposits from my bank account for the amount over £2000 and didn't worry about any source of funds up to the stage when I requested a withdrawal ? Why is there such a gap from the moment I created Voodoo account and the day when you requested the verification? 
Dear Mr Guy - where have you been when all my deposits have been accepted by Voodoo dreams ? 
As I can see you work in a diligence team and should be responsible for such important procedures and make sure that the new player is following all the compliance regulations. Do you want to tell me that when you accepted my deposits you weren't concerned about the source of funds or your compliance regulations ? 
Let's be honest - if after my first deposit my account would be placed on hold and you would request the number of documents I already provided, I would say STOP straight after you would request ID from third parties - as I wouldn't ask my family and friends to get involved in this scam. 
I wouldn't be happy to deposit more and would choose another casino to spend my money with. 
Why didn't you request all the documents at the stage when I created my account and made my 1st deposit and allowed me to spend more money and play with Voodoo when my account isn't verified and you didn't even have my identity confirmation?  
If I wouldn't  be lucky and just would lose all my money - could you please confirm that I would receive the same attention from Voodoo ? 
Voodoo just would keep my lost money without any concern from where the funds came in.
So from the logical point of view, Voodoo accepting unidentified funds as a deposits without any concern, allows to play even when account is not verified, don't have deposit restrictions (keep in mind I deposit above £2000 without providing any source of funds evidence) but in meantime states that extremely worries about customers wealth ? 
It is not the player's fault that Voodoo didn't request the verification prior to the lucky spin, so to take the responsibility of the gap in your verification process, if you were happy to accept the deposits without requesting third party data (even without verification) now you should be able to complete the withdrawal by applying the same rule?
And then of course if I would wish to deposit more in Voodoo "as a regulated online casino operator, you should be required to adhere to stringent procedures in line with standards set by our governing bodies".
In this stage can you just answer why there is a double standard - when it is related to the withdrawal " as a regulated online casino operator, you are requiring to adhere to stringent procedures in line with standards set by your governing bodies", but when it is related to accept deposit from players you are not restricted with any compliance procedures and are very flexible just to observe the gambling without even placing account on hold until verified or legitimacy of funds confirmed ? 
My win has been returned back from pending account balance (again without any concern to the account which still hasn't been verified at that stage and I been able to keep going and gamble), thankfully I took a decision to register with GAMSTOP to make sure that my final live changing  win will stay safe, but it is not safe as Voodoo is doing everything to not complete the withdrawal and hold my legal win. 
You are redirecting myself  to eCOGRA, but even after several requests I still didn't receive my FINAL LETTER with the clearly listed reasons why my account still hasnt been verified. Please be aware that final letter should summarise the complain, so I would much appreciate if you wouldn't just use your copy paste option, but clearly explain why my account still hasn't been verified (it is not enough to tell that some documents still hasn't been provided - you should list what documents exactly you require and based on what regulations or obligations). Please keep in mind that it should include FINAL LETTER or FINAL DECISION in the title with my complaint reference number.  

@Original Jase The reason why I came in here, to share my case with you guys is to make as many players as possible to avoid this casino, as they’re is loads of similar cases as mine, that’s just casino politics to hold players wins.

You are popular streamers and understand and can reach more players than a random person. Thanks a lot for your advices and for coming back to me.





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On 6/26/2023 at 4:28 AM, Original Jase said:

If what you pasted at the bottom is their response, it's not an actual final response. They're just saying they're aiming to resolve it and they have 8 weeks. Unless you can show me where they've wrote to you where it says 'final response/decision' they're still trying to resolve it. eCOGRA won't get involved until they've done this if they're similar to IBAS 

@Kamilamilalaread this rule by the Gambling Commission. They have 8 weeks before an ADR will get involved;

https://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/licensees-and-businesses/guide/handling-complaints-and-alternate-dispute-resolution-adr http://www.ulytau.kz/casino/nomad

The Gambling Commission states that operators have 8 weeks to resolve complaints before an ADR can get involved.  This means that if you have a complaint with an operator, you should give them 8 weeks to resolve it.  If the operator is unable to resolve the matter within 8 weeks, you may be able to escalate the matter to eCOGRA. Am I right?

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4 hours ago, artrgel said:

The Gambling Commission states that operators have 8 weeks to resolve complaints before an ADR can get involved.  This means that if you have a complaint with an operator, you should give them 8 weeks to resolve it.  If the operator is unable to resolve the matter within 8 weeks, you may be able to escalate the matter to eCOGRA. Am I right?

Yes this is correct. Usually for UK it's IBAS though

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