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20.000 x on remember gulag

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@mathias dausellCrazy.

I love Nolimit as a provider purely because I can see the bonus buy content - it sucks for the most part playing from the UK. Played mental and fluked the Lombotomy free spins, or whatever the top Mental spins are and only got paid 800x, was in a unibet win mutliplier tournament so i was extra disappointed.

Still love this provider and Tombstone is one of my top games, always will be.


Only issue i have is that they don't build up the wins, its one miracle spin ( often paying many multiples over the max win cap) or nothing. I'd like to see a game that just eeks its way to the very max win on the last chain reaction of the very last spin.

@Nolimit City (Jonas) 

@Nolimit City Official


Also, with regards to Nolimit, pleae solicit yourself to Evolution gaming - they keep acquiring providers whose innovation is behind them, imagine your exposure to the now opening US market as part of Evo's onestop shop/lobby - the only thing missing in their portfolio is an innovative provider such as yourself - There is Nolimt and Relax making fresh games these days and Relax is already owned by Kindred.

Make a bad shit crazy guns + GOP vs Republicans, far right overly woke vs proud boys,  completely over the top Americana, school shooting, bald eagle, morbidly obese mobility scootered slot and get that fresh market share (in partner ship with EVO please as I'm 95% invested in those guys - they have live casino wrapped up. 

You could literally make a game where you can choose a left  bonus and a right bonus + a partisan bonus. The extreme versions would be the non binary bonus and the misogynist/homophobic bonuses with no partisan option.

Build back better vs Medicaid.

have reel 2 and 3 extend to 9 high and 11 high, bonus points for insider jobs and destroying the separate 5th reel.

Bad taste the shit to the 9th degree.


Give me  job, give me some Desperados and I'm full of ideas.

Provided I can resist sobriety for long enough I'll make a mock up and post it to you.

Go public and let me buy some stock, believe in you guys.

I don't really need a job, work in a casino full time and actually make at least 4 times my salary from online casinos believe it or not.

NoLimit, Relax, Elk is making good games at the moment - PlayNGo reached the top and started this RTP reducing Strat which is fucking horrible - can say it is because the German market has a tax on the churn all you want but why does that mean I, in the UK get 94% rtp  version - fuck them and their desperate rinsing the market whilst at the top, It leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I am very representative of the general player base and do more spins then the vast majority of streamers - at one point 10% of all slot tracker spins were mine - has died down as the amount of tournaments basing the placings on the mount of spins done has reduced massively in the last year. Pragmatic is a very strong slot provider trying to expand into the live casino market - there slots are admittedly amazing (though i never win on anything other then magic cauldron) but their live casino offering is week - player numbers boosted by the roulette/blackjack/bacarrat weekly tournaments which were very abusable and profitable - came 2nd and 3rd every other week when the 2nd/3rd prizes were 3k and 2k respectively for a 2-3k outlay. Wasn't economical once they split the price pool in half and offered the other half as a drop and win as the same guy tended to win it every week. A good chunk of the players active were those abusing the tournaments - They pumped so much money into it and all it would have done is leave a bad taste in legitimate participants mouths. Fun while it lasted despite several casinos banning me for SG reasons due to playing 24/7. Despite saying Pragmatic is way behind, I was playing Candyland Bonanza the other day with the extra multi bet, came sugar  8x (16x) then 3x(6x) then 4x(8x) which meant the next landing symbol has a 786x multi - was only playing the surprize bonus and it came 1, would have been max win of 20kx if it came aything else.

Evolution has tournaments on several sites, difference it that it is the casino stumping up the money and prompting the games.

NetEnt has a nice staple of games but who bothers with them, nothing draws anyone to them, starburst, creature from black lagoon, Gonzo?

Redtiger, I was playing £2 a spin on Narcos 2, hit a drop the supply, got a £196 pay-out and gambled it for the free spins, i expected it to fail and it did, 4.4% - wtf kind of design is that, just give me the freespins and pay me £20 or something instead so I cant bitch about it.

Blueprint has dropped off the radar really - play Horus megaways as its a nice game, any Horus game really, the power four ones so at least have a bonus to play, sucks when you get the super spins and it pays nothing though.

Any game where you have to watch a feature playout despite a win not been a possibility - fuck that.

Push Gaming seems to have gone some stupid coin win route, it worked on Razor shark but sucks on everything else, jamming jars 2 lol. Jamming jars one, my favourite game a couple years ago with over 100 wins above 1000x is not the same anymore and reinforces this belief I have about how slots work, which I will share on another drunken night. The coins block wins, don't give me a 30x multi and then some stupid coin reveal - give me some nice fucking lines paying, let me watch the reels roll in.

Why do online casinos keep the entirety of the red/black bets when zero comes - return 50% of the bet ffs, I'll just lose it on the next spin.


Anyway, sorry for hijacking, felt like ranting until sober, don't post so often and wont again for a while as the site seems to have undergone some changes recently.


Until the next night out cut short.


Excuse spelling mistakes, I've had a few and on my belly.




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