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Developed a stupid habit when playing online.

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Recently I have developed the most retarded of behaviours:

Keep depositing £200-£500 at a time

Lose 10-20% of my deposit and get in a really negative mindset

Go to roulette or blackjack and put the remaining balance on as one bet, all of it on 1 box in blackjack or all of it on Black on Roulette.

Have done this over 10 times on roulette and around 5 times on Blackjack - three times it came 0 on roulette... have only won once playing black with a £400 bet and have only once won the blackjack hand (doubled it and lost the next hand)

What is especially bad about this is that, as I am already down 10-20% of my deposit when I do it I am placing the bet and have the mindset that it is going to lose - hate that negativity.

Just did it again on lightning roulette, had £103.4 0 put £100 on black (timer ran out otherwise it would be all of it)

Came red. 

As expected.

Put the remaining £3.40 on my number #29

It comes 29...

I can hit a 37 to 1 shot but can't hit a 50/50

Also it is very lame that Evolution roulettes take the whole outside bet when zero comes.

Anyway, this is a dumb way to play and I am doing it because I am down a few thousand in the last couple months - its all promo winnings but still, should stick to my gameplan and play promos!!

Just sharing so I write down how stupid it is as, just thinking to myself how stupid it is, doesn't seem to be effective in stopping me!


Anyone else got stupid things they tell themselves they shouldn't do which they then go on to watch themselves do?

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Heyy @dirtystack

I too had similar issues when I used to play. I set myself a balance I deemed low as soon as I busted it that it resulted in my blowing the lot on an all in on Blackjack and 8/10 times losing. 

Its a dangerous mindset to have and caused me a lot of problems during my time gambling. Nice to see that you are popping a note to yourself on the forum. 

Best of luck ❤️ 

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Yo dude, i agree that sticking to bet sizes is hard to do, and especially more so on even money paying games like roulette & BJ where you already know that any recovery at same bet sizes is probably gonna be a long hard grind. The trouble i find with just spunking remaining balance on all-in's is then when i then re-depo and go back to normal stakes, I've essentially cut myself out of 4 or 5 future spins with that previous all-in - it does become easy to just disregard disciplined bankroll management when i get annoyed!


The only other side point I'd say too is that you're right about how when you need it it never works and when you're not caring anymore it happens!! -  i do find it interesting how once I'm in the negative losing mindset, the increased focus & angry tunnel vision i go into does strangely seem to give me a more of an intuitive knowledge that my bet is going to lose and that I'm what I'm picking is wrong - it's only often my stubbornness at being determined to prove that I've picked the right one which keeps me losing, despite already knowing it's going to be wrong - it's almost feels like if i could use that moment to step away from my negativity & ego then i could use the empathy for the next spin to divine what is the correct decision. 


I'll wish you luck overall dude as slamming it hard is an easy trap to get into, yet your idea of sticking to what you know is good and being more disciplined is a great plan.


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