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How do I play with my fresh 200x deposit?


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Relatively new to slots, low betting. After a deposit I usually bet 1/200 to have 200x in bankroll to manage to survive a cold streak. So deposit 200 euro and bet 1. When I go down to 100 euro I usually lower the bet to 0.5.

So far I have been really unsuccessful, mostly playing different ”books” and the likes. 100 spins and I go down 30x, and repeating on the next slot. 

If I hit the bonus early and make a profit, I usually do a hit n run and move to next, thinking it wont happen again within a few hundred spins on same slot.

After 100 spins without bonus I usually move on to the next, losing 20-40x on each, draining the bankroll quite fast. I have tried doing only 25 spins on each slot hoping for those lucky early bonuses, but no luck there either.

This time I was thinking about going for lower volatile slots and raising the bets to 1/100 of the bank roll. Tried that earlier and ended with a small profit that was lost again on more volatile slots.

Of course it only comes down to having luck and hit big in the end, but I am curious on how you guys play with a fresh deposit? What games do you go after, and what bets do you do start with comparing to your bankroll? Do you keep switching slots, or stay on your favorite even if it feels cold?

It is said that every spin has the exact same chance to hit, so hot or cold machines could be no more than a myth, or only inside ones head, right? Still, after 8 dead spins, one 0.2x win, 8 more dead spins, a 0.5x win over and over makes it really hard to stay on the slot. Do you keep playing it or moving on?


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Hi, you need to understand that, due to the nature of slots, losing is the norm.

Bankroll management is important to limit losses but there is no bankroll management that is ever going to see a positive return on slots without a massive amount of luck. Bankroll management relating to slots is along these lines : I will deposit £100 a month to play with and under no circumstance will I deposit more, I will not be enticed, I will ignore my inner demons, I will stick to my guns and never deviate from my plan to deposit £100 and £100 only in a given month.

That is your only bankroll management option. It is an example, the figure can be adjusted to whatever figure you are comfortable with.


I fail at this repeatedly so trust me when I say slots and longevity do not go hand in hand. If you enjoy slots then by all means play them. If you enjoy the way they pass the time then you should avoid them at all cost.


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