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21.com casino- Delay/Horrible support


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Hi, i don’t know where to start about this casino. 21.com is a casino i recently started playing at even though i have been registered and fully verified from before. 

This all started a week back when i won some money and requested a withdrawal. I was asked for bank statements and happily provided these. My withdrawal got accepted and sent the 3th of january so i assumed everything was in order with my documents. 

This in consideration i kept playing the next day where i also won some money and requested a withdrawal. This time i was again asked for bank documents for the same bank account. I Thought maybe this was a mistake and contacted live support whom asked for another bank statement and that he would send it to the relevant departement. 

Here is a direct Quote from the email i received: 

- Accepted documents 

- Mobile screenshot showing issuing bank, logo, bank account number and full name. 

I provided this once more and today i received a email and had a unpleasant talk with the support that my documents are being denied as it does not show IBAN/SWIFT. 
i provided proof from my bank account that shows my IBAN AND Swift. This was also denied and refused. I asked them to simply match my account number on the document to the IBan but was also left with no answer other then a rude support telling me i am not co-operating with them and i am in the wrong...i tried explaining that no bank statement shows IBAN OR SWIFT in my country ( Norway ) and asked to detailed have the reason for why its being rejected and what document i can provide to only be told to send a complaint to a email he gave me and no further help. 

side notes also: the withdrawal that was approved several days ago have not arrived either. 

is there anyone that can help me out here? 

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Hi @olempiaps,

Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding 21.com here at Casino Grounds!

First of all, I would like to apologize for the experienced inconvenience!

I have sent you a private message to confirm your registered email address, so that we can get your pending documents and withdrawals approved as soon as possible!

Kind regards,


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