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My most insane session ever


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Deposited €100 wanting to do some Money Train 2 bonus buys, i've been hunting to get a 10000x+ hit on that game. While i haven't reached it yet, what happened today has been insane! Oh yeah let me not forget to mention that i decided to do a few DoA2 buys aswell towards the end.. and well see for yourself, a beautiful wild line hit to end it off with.

(Have all of the hits recorded, might upload videos later on if i get the time to edit the videos down)

Schermopname (64).png

Schermopname (65).png

Schermopname (66).png



Schermopname (62).png


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32 minutes ago, dublinjay said:

Never increased your stake , thts some discipline ...Self control is the most important thing for long term..  Congrats mate , great hits !!!

Agreed haha, however in cases like this you wish you increased stake!! Big congrats

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