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Playatharrys Scam!


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I am new here and I wanted to share my experience playing on playatharrys.com.


I joined this site at the start of November and managed to win a bit on the Sports book.


My problems started when I tried to withdraw my winnings.


I had verified myself using KYC as is required before withdrawing and I was told the first withdrawal may take a little longer than the stated 48hrs.


I accepted this and withdrew my first £200 on the 12th of November....it is now the 3rd of December and I haven't received a penny.


In the week following my first win (when I wasn't aware that these guys are scammers) I deposited another £200 which I managed to turn into £500.


I tried to withdraw this and it sat in pending withdrawals for 5 days before finally being processed but again it won't be a surprise to hear I have received nothing.


I have sent repeated messages to them and received some replies giving a variety of weak excuses from blaming Covid to trying to claim they are "finding the best most secure way of sending me my money" and are "working on it"

I have tried to find out who provides them with a gaming licence and there are reports on the net saying it is Curacao or MGL in Malta but neither looks to be true.


I have reluctantly accepted I will probably never see my money and have been scammed but I would welcome any comments from people who have dealt with this site before and had similar issues.



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