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Lucky or unlucky?


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Hi fellow gamlers.

I recently won a rather large amount of money. It so happens that the casino by mistake payed out the win twice. I have not heard a word from them and it has been a week. What are the rules exactly on this? It doesnt seem to been in their terms and conditions.

Hope anyone have some input

Good luck to you all. 

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Do what you feel like, there are arguments for keeping quiet and for reporting to the casino.

I have been in the same boat once for a small cashout (EUR 50 or 100) that had peen paid double at Videoslots and reported that.
Back then VS used to be my daily go-to casino. VS said thanks for reporting and adjusted my balance after my next deposit.
No thank-you bonus or anything.

Also I know of a dozen or so cases where an online casino found out that a payout had gone wrong, and contacted the player about paying back / deducting on a next deposit.
Now that is where such cases get interesting.

I have been paid out too much in a landbased casino once and management made me sweat and pay the next time, if I ever wanted to play there again. I  had to pay back every last cent that I got too much but  got a dinner and drinks comped that night.

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