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329X on Wild Swarm @ $20


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I only played this as i saw some discussion on the forum the other day, about how aparently building it at low stakes doesnt matter etc.

However, seen others try it with some success so gave it a bash. Built it up last night at $0.60 to Max. Aimed to get it to trigger at $10, no luck. Collected 3 Bee's at $20 and it triggered (Lucky!!!).


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56 minutes ago, dirtystack said:

Nice win.

It still doesn’t matter though. I think you are going to discover this for yourself.

Pure luck that it triggered so early for you.

Yeah im going with pure luck. I had no desire to try build another swarm, put it that way 😆

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4 hours ago, wertygo said:

What was your overall profit during session?

I didnt expect to hit this win, so withdrew most of it. So maybe about $5900 prodit there.
Withdrew most of it, but kept $600 on the account, and then hit $5k on Punk Rocker haha

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