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A different ( old? ) version of Knights life loads all of a sudden? Anyone has any idea? ( wilds are different symbol etc )


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So I played a bit of knights life earlier today, and now I load it up and it looks like this ( video )

The wilds are a sun symbol now that does a thing when you get a win so, is this an old version now all of a sudden or what? I played this game loads but never seen this, it's the same website where it was normal a few hours ago.

If anyone knows, I'd like to hear cause this is very strange 🤔

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20 minutes ago, Slotspinner said:

This is how Knights life looks in original version (landbased etc) for some reason they used a wizard in the online slot.
Weird how theres the original wild symbol now in this version?

Yeah I wonder if it's like this everywhere now. I just checked on a different casino and it was also this old version over there now. Did they change it a few hours ago then? Cause about 5 hours ago it was the one with the wizard as wild. In the bonus there's a sun symbol on the knights that become wild now too so, must be the complete other version.

The info on the game actually still says " The wildcard symbol ( MERLIN ) substitutes any other symbol" so, the game has changed to old version then while the info has stayed the same, it says "merlin" is wild which is on the new version .

Maybe they took it offline temporarily for whatever reason and replaced it with this version meanwhile 🤔


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49 minutes ago, Cit_be said:

For some reason, it runs SUPER slow on the Belgian casion sites..

Can't figure out why.

A shamen cause it still is my favorite slot

This is actually on Starcasino, I'm in Belgium too. Runs fine for me still although this version is a bit slower than the old one ( which was the new one lol )

I mean it used to run super fast so I don't mind the slower speed tbh . If it runs slower for you than in the video it's maybe on your end.

Or, they changed it again today and made it slower, I hope not . 

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