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  1. Hopefully Spain will be out of the Euro, so we can save money and actually start winning something. Such a garbage coach, such a garbage team
  2. There is one rule in this business, which is never play high stakes in small casinos. I don't understand why people keep on doing this. Verification process doesn't take weeks, specially for small casinos because they don't have many players, so any delay is just a dirty tactic they use to not pay. Also these small casinos operate as ponzi schemes, they pay your winnings with other people losses, and when they are short of liquidity or can't afford to pay, they will drag you for weeks for the most stupid reasons until you lose your money, it doesn't matter if it will take weeks/months. A member in this forum, the past couple of weeks lost 100k because of the withdrawal delay. Stay away from small casinos.
  3. The hashes you provided have no trace of any 95k or 30k transaction. Plus in one of them, one of the addresses the money was sent to, has a balance of around $200 million. Yep 200 million dollars. Nice troll mate.
  4. Yeah sure, post the withdrawal hash to confirm what you're saying. Because as far as I know, a lot of people had a lot of problems cashing out big amounts, some got their accounts banned, some were literally scammed.
  5. Evolution games have been glitching alot these days, I'd advice anyone to always play while recording, because otherwise they will never believe you. I'd also advice you to stay away from casinos like Stake, Roobet... Because they're nothing more than ponzi schemes, if you win big they will do anything not to pay you. Always play on casinos that are well established in the industry and regulated.
  6. The point is that they didn't want the players with max bets to win, because they didn't afford to pay that much. So I've been playing for 45 mins straight without any problems, once the biggest win is about to land, my internet said nope, is that what you're saying? Also, I could refresh the page and open other pages and get back to the game without any problems, it wasn't my internet.
  7. Trust me it's not a bug, it could have been someone in the background that messed up something, but this only proves that they control everything. If you think what happened to you is bad, remember the 9600x on monopoly? I, along with many other players were kicked out just before landing the multiplayer and then the 4 rolls, which was gonna pay me €960,000, knowing that I was playing for 45 mins without any connection problems or errors.
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