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Is this legit? Can someone confirm


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5 minutes ago, tyler040592 said:

Seems pretty legit so far, had that many scam emails over the covid period it’s unreal so can never be too sure. Said that calzone wasn’t running anymore on their site, so thought it was a bit weird but we’ll see what the outcome is. 
thanks guys

What a nice surprise, please let us know if you got the money

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On 05/11/2020 at 08:20, tyler040592 said:

And there we go, payment has arrived 😃


Still have no idea why I would have that amount left in an account, but I’m not gonna complain! 

cheers guys! 


maybe closed a game thinking you'd lost but hadn't. Or maybe you did a bonus hunt and forgot to open it and its just auto paid. Either way its a win for you

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