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When wilds take the piss...

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Maybe it isn't quite fair to post these Testament wins in this particular thread, as they are very decent almost-back-to-back bonuses (355x and 313x respectively). However, when you land 3 or 4 wilds in this bonus, you know you are so damn close to greatness. Anyway, hadn't played this slot for a while, and it was actually a pleasant ...eh... "reunion". 

Testament 355x total.jpg

Testament 355x.jpg

Testament 313x.jpg

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Yesterday it was time for the 3 year anniversary Cazino Cosmos grind (sigh...). Put 500 DKK in and started spinning. Got a couple of the traditional "missing the wild on one reel" bonuses - and cashed out 850 DKK in the end. Not too bad, but damn... Just give me that wildline already. These were the highlights: 

Cazino Cosmos 265x.jpg

Cazino Cosmos 197x.jpg

Cazino Cosmos 169x.jpg

Cazino Cosmos missing again.jpg

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Time for a break from this slot I guess... Had worked up a nice 2100 DKK balance on LeoVegas, and decided to buy a couple of features on Beast Mode.

Nothing even half decent showed up in 20 buys, and as a final insult it gave me this troll screen. Disgusting stuff...

Ended up tilting and blew it all in a desperate - and stupid - attempt to recover the balance.

Beast Mode evil troll.jpg

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All I can say is that slot designers know what they are doing. Creating the appearance of being close when you're really not close at all is one their greatest inventions. 

I've heard that DOA1/2 uses actual reel striping. Not sure if that makes each individual spin in the bonus independent (i.e. reels could truly land anywhere) or if the final result is predetermined from the beginning based on theoretical probabilities. It might seem unlikely to get 4/5 wilds and keep missing the last one, but it's pretty easy if the frequent of a wild is only 1/10 or 1/15.     

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Well, well... Back on Cazino Cosmos for a couple of spins, and it gave me this feature. On the surface a decent 146x win, but this was the setup:

Starting wild on 1st, wilds on 2nd, 3rd and 4th on the first spin...

So 9 spins to get a wild on 5th reel, which is normally by far the easiest reel to land the wilds on this slot. Not this time though...   

Cazino Cosmos 146x.jpg

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Uh-oh, Play 'n Go...

Got an ideal setup on this re-skin of 15 Crystal Roses (one of the numerous The Sword & The Grail-type-of-slots): 100x wild unlocked with 9 spins remaining.

But whaddayaknow, it connected 3oak non-premiums twice in those 9 spins. Can't say I'm surprised, but still underwhelming with practically best possible setup.  

Love is in the Fair 231x total.jpg

Love is in the Fair 231 x.jpg

Love is in the Fair 231x.jpg

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