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so short story y got an email from there were its saing becouse y had a good wining thei had to recover their loses so thats whi y was losing ( here its 

Frank Support Team <support@frankcasino.com>
Ma 30-12-2019 14:06
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You started to play the game after the long period from the moment of the last session, there were updates on the game servers.

Alas, we cannot compensate you any game loss because it was necessary to use all the accumulated progress earlier.
Regards, Elenore 
Support team )          and this is after y had multiple erors in multiple game becouse thei server 
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On 02/01/2020 at 10:56, dirtystack said:

You were playing a progress game like little devil and lost your progress on it due to playing for a long time while there was an update on the servers?

 There isn’t enough information in what you have posted to get a picture of what happened.



Hello, dirtystack!

The fact is that these providers updated their servers.
All players who have lost progress received a sorry-bonus for inconvenience.
After this incident did not happen and everything works correctly.

Frank Casino Team

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