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hello everyone

alfonso palumbo

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you can register and they will send you a ticket.

lots of free food and alcohol, check out new games ranging from the clever to the retarded, when you get tired find the booth of the people who make the land based massage chairs for the vip slot machines, get lots of photos with the promotion girls, get chatting to them, look for a spark, ask one out, surprise her, cherish your time with her, bend the knee, propose, get rejected, spend the following twelve months recovering from rejection, get some help, hopefully be free of the twisting maddening despair by the time Ice 2021 starts, attend, the cycle repeats.

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16 hours ago, alfonso palumbo said:

great site and really enjoying the content,was wondering if anyone knows if its possible to attend ICE 2020 in london,i would like to go for the day and have a look round im not an affiliate i just enjoy playing slots

Welcome to CasinoGrounds! :)

ICE is for affiliates and for exhibitors of operators and game providers. If you are not an affiliate I think you can buy a pass which is quite expensive and absolutely not worth it if you are not working in this business :)

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