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731.9x plus tournament win!


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So I finally have something to share with you guys.


LeoVegas was running big win tournaments on their new exclusive slot Hot Spin Deluxe.


10 in total, 5 on Monday, 5 on Tuesday, each tournament running 1 hour.

You‘d get 1 point for every 1x your stake you win. So 100 points for a 100x win for example.

I decided to enter on the very last one, deposited 20€ for that, doing 20 Cent spins.


At first it went horrible, my balance was almost down to 0 and I wouldn’t have done another deposit, that’s for sure. At like 2.5€ balance left I got a bonus, there are many different bonuses you can get, I guess I got a better one, giving at least 3 wild reels every spin, 8 spins in total.


I got 4 wild reels twice and 5 wild reels once, so fullscreen wilds (500x).


In total it was 731.9x, so 146.38€ win and 731.9 points for the competition.


And it actually was enough to win the tournament. 

First place gave 1000€. :D 


So basically that spin won me 5731.9x, turned a 20€ deposit into a 1140€ cashout.

I am so happy and I still can’t believe it. 




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