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Wildz Casino withdrawal pending


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2 minutes ago, Xxxxwildingxxxx said:

Is it your first after that I do think be quicker first is always on average slower I think I mean not long since you made withdrawel other checks are needed before the super fast withdraw can even begin' I dunno but that's my guess

Well, I wish I had this answer from their customer support but I've been only told to wait. And the reason I choose to open an account with them was the super fast withdraw which turns up to be slower then the average of the other online casinos. 

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While I do understand the frustration of waiting for a Casino to approve withdrawals its important to remember that they are a licensed and have strict rules and they need to follow to be compliant. KYC should always be done before making the first deposit to avoid this frustration.

My personal experience with Wildz is great.

You can also set various limits to avoid playing away the winnings if needed.

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On 20/11/2019 at 08:27, Rexxor420 said:

You sound like someone who should stay away from gambling it will only hurt you.

He has every right to feel frustrated although it his own failt he spent the money believe me some tactics of the casino pay off well to not get your withdrawel one of them stall want 

Wanting your withdrawl in a fair time doesn't make you problem everyone has a risk of reversing it . Some higher than overs than lower than others. Depends for example if you have slot of money in bank its easy to say to someone you shouldn't of reversed it becuase they can just play at another casino. But some are waiting for that money and don't have option to deposit else where so it's not the same for everyone when. It comes to reversals although the reason you shouldn't is 

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