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[EVENT - 07.11.19] Exclusive Blackjack Table with Viewers!


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On the Thursday 7th November i will do another Session of Tablegame Thursday - this time with a special Event!

During 19:00CET and 20:00CET that evening, we will have our own private Blackjack Table (Club Royale Blackjack 3 on MrGreen) accessible through a Link in the Chat/Forum.
This means only viewers and me have access to the Table and we will be without other players!

Special Promotions will run during the time announced by a Chat Agent, some examples are here of what could happen:

-Next Blackjack will pay 3:1 instead of 3:2
-Next Person to draw the Ace of Diamonds gets instant Cash

Prizes are credited instantly and MrGreen support will be available through the time. Sweden is unfortunately excluded from this Event due to regulations.


Hope to see a fun table with you guys!

TABLE IS LIVE : https://casino.mrgreen.com/en-US/game/play/real/1Axsi3Ao00LKxkghw4

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13 hours ago, OnAirJannick said:

Damn I don't have internet until next week :( I think I will create an account on Mr Green and will play on my mobile. But can't watch the stream at the same time then :/

The idea is so so cool! Unitymedia Dreck!

Use your mobile as an wlan Hotspot... Get both twitch and casino..

Problem solved ?

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