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Money Train double gun


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13 minutes ago, cabzla said:

so the Guns load up each other ? oh my godness could been huuge

Yup! Last spin gave me 2100x more. I thing it would be close to max win if id hit one more purple/retrigger 3 more spins. Was totally insane! Started out like a average bonus then it turned crazy in the end! 

both guns over 100x after last shootout

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On 07/11/2019 at 20:22, Viking said:

Nice! Imagine getting one last set of spins! I think that would have hit the max 20.000x

Yeah, would have been insane.

Hunted a lot after that but game's turned to shit!

I live in Finland and there's slot machine's everywhere (I mean in grocery stores etc). When new games come out they pay and after introduction period tuurn to shite, seems like it's the same with online slots - honeymoon period is good!

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