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Can any of you tell me what am I doing wrong. As of January 1st this year I have wasted € 8,862 on Casumo without winning anything . I don't realize it can be possible. No matter how much I put in, I lose everything without winning anything. I usually play a lot on PLAYnGO, Blueprint and BTG. The bet is never higher than 1 euro.

I have played for many years at Casumo but so extremely bad has never been.
It seems that they have one on and off button, and this year it has been off all the time for me.

Do any of you have any advice or tips on what to do with Casumo, should I close the account or wait until luck turns

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You are not doing anything wrong, variance in gambling is massive. 

If gambling is not fun anymore, take a break and do something that give you some enjoyment.

For the record, i played 350 spins on tome of madness (playNgo) this morning, that session gave me 27% rtp.  (that was super fun)

Maybe change to videoslots where you can see how many spins you done and what games you stay too long on...  

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The only thing i can say that is the casino doesnt matter, there is no such thing as OFF and ON button. 

There is clearly a time when you will feel like you running cold, but the truth is that you are probably unlucky. The slot doesnt have memory! 

Like @spiker1977 said, you can just take a break, since its not funny anymore for you, and also because of the fact you lost some money as well! 

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Slots are designed for you to lose. Just sometimes you get lucky and can make some nice profit. Id suggest restricting your gambling, lower your deposit limits, switch games regularly. Do not have the mind to think...this must surely do something soon...because that's not the way it works!

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