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Not only once, BUT TWICE!


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Sup gamblers! Hadd issues with falling asleep yesterday and did some deposits to Frankfred on my phone. 

Started out quite bad, but luck turned around when i started playing Razorshark. 

Thats a dream hit right there, it teased me with that 1000coin and PLOP here comes 2500x!!  I know Kim's been talking good about this slot and finaly I get to realise why! 

Was playing for a good while and I was close to quitting and just withdraw the win, but a few spins in Dead Or Alive 2 couldn't hurt right?

Bonus gave 12843x, video is comming. Two super hits in one night!  Im still speechless really, never would I ever have thought of this. 

Now I am working on cashing it, some documents and such to deliver to frankfred but that should not be an issue. Might throw in some casinostreams this week  ?!!

Gamble safe guys, this happens only once. 

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