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Casino streamers doing gaming streams


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I don't think Casino streamers should be using their casino channels to do gaming streams as they are being shown through the Casingrounds website, this is not a gaming related site, it's a gambling related site, promote your world of warcraft or whatever it is your playing somewhere else. Apehehe is streaming gaming right now which can be viewed through this site. I think there are many upcoming streamers who deserve a chance to be recognised but when other streamers like this are using the site to promote their gaming streams, it needs to be stopped. Either stream slots/table games like you are supposed to or let someone else have the opportunity.

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I've been thinking about this but I'm more concerned about the other way, having casino viewers being shown their favourite streamers playing computer games is one thing,  but when you have computer game viewers, some of which may be underage then being exposed to gambling not only puts their stream at risk but the community as a whole.

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I dont think its that big of an issue if casino streamer streams games too, if i see streamer i follow streams and i dont want to watch what hes streaming i just close the stream.

But when regular game streamer streams slots and stream is not set as k18 then its bad because there is many viewers that are not old enough to gamble. 

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