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Lil' Devil Technical Analysis - Best Symbol on Be My Angel & Heartstopper etc

The Reel Story

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Ola everyone! For anyone who has seen my thread about Danger! High Voltage (above) you'll probably know what this is about.

I decided to try and dig into the new BTG slot 'Lil' Devil' and find out a bit more about it.

I've focused on the 'Be My Angel' bonus, which is the 'enhanced' version of Gates of Hell from DHV. The other bonus doesn't really have any interesting information in it.

So I wanted to find out the best symbol in Be My Angel, how the 'Heartstopper' version differed and also, how it compared to DHV.

First thing I noticed is that you don't appear to be able to get the Heart as the symbol (like you could get Skulls on Gates). This is good, because skulls were horrible. This means that, on average, you *should* get better bonuses (or less duds) than on Gates. This is probably offset by the fact that bonuses seem to be rarer in Lil' Devil than they are on Danger.

Below is a table ranking the symbols from best to worst. It's a different mix to that of Danger, and most notably all of the premiums are pretty bad (whereas Taco on DHV was 3rd best). The other thing to note is that the best symbol, 9's, are best by a long way, and better than anything in DHV. The other symbols are broadly similar.

Symbol Frequency Reel 2 Reel 3 Reel 4 Reel 5
Nine 44 10 14 12 8
Ten 38 10 16 8 4
Queen 36 11 14 7 4
Jack 36 9 13 10 4
Ace 34 7 10 12 5
King 32 6 13 8 5
Croc 31 11 11 7 2
Scorpion 29 11 10 6 2
Lizard 29 8 13 4 4

Ok, so now on to Heartstopper. What I've seen in most comments is 'Heartstopper Angel is like gates but with 2 symbols! OMFG THAT'S SO AMAZING'. Reality? It's barely better. In fact, what I've found would probably make me go with the other bonus for my Heartstopper. There is probably more potential in Angel, but it's really not that great.

So as you can see below, getting 9's in Heartstopper Angel is only 2 symbols better than getting 9's in Non Heartstopper. The only major benefit is the symbols are weighted towards the middle reels, so higher chances of re-triggers with those lovely growing multipliers. Overall though, you're only getting a few extra symbols that can become wild. The main thing it does is balance out all the bad symbols. So even if you get the worst combination (two premiums) it's still the same as an good symbol in regular Angel. Is that worth grinding 40 hearts? Not in my opinion.

Table below shows the Heartstopper Angel frequencies. As you can see, it's really not the 'OMFG' bonus that it is made out to be. If it were me, I'd go with the starting x5 wilds on the other bonus.

Symbol Frequency Reel 2 Reel 3 Reel 4 Reel 5
Nine 46 9 15 16 6
Queen 44 10 17 12 5
King 42 11 16 11 4
Jack 42 10 14 14 4
Ace 42 11 13 12 6
Ten 39 7 17 11 4
Croc 38 11 14 10 3
Scorpion 38 8 16 7 7
Lizard 38 11 13 10 4

So yeh, there we go. Shout if you have more questions or things you would like me to look in to!

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On 16/09/2019 at 16:30, The Reel Story said:

If it were me, I'd go with the starting x5 wilds on the other bonus.

Well, picking up this thread 15 months later, I've done exactly that for 7 consecutive grinds on very low stake - I've seen what this slot can do to a balance, if you up the betsize. These were the results choosing the Dynamite Lover 5x start:

Grind 1              Heartstopper acquisition: +32x          Heartstopper payout:   +21x        Result +53x (betsize 1.50 DKK)

Grind 2              Heartstopper acquisition: -23x           Heartstopper payout:   +81x        Result +58x (betsize 0.80 DKK)

Grind 3              Heartstopper acquisition: +618x        Heartstopper payout:     +7x        Result +625x (betsize 0.80 DKK)

Grind 4              Heartstopper acquisition: -373x         Heartstopper payout: +225x        Result -148x (betsize 0.80 DKK)

Grind 5              Heartstopper acquisition: -351x         Heartstopper payout: +713x        Result +362x (betsize 0.80 DKK)

Grind 6              Heartstopper acquisition: -606x         Heartstopper payout:   +22x        Result -584x (betsize 0.80 DKK)

Grind 7              Heartstopper acquisition: -289x         Heartstopper payout: +286x        Result -3x (betsize 0.80 DKK)

So, all in all a slight plus, but please notice the big swings in acquisition cost (Grind 6 was quite disgusting tbh). Furthermore, the best bonus wasn't even a Heartstopper, but a regular Dynamite Lover bonus that paid 742x (Grind 3). I don't think I'll go much further grinding this slot tbh, even if I like the Dynamite Lover bonus quite a lot. For me it is - on average - far more entertaining to play in terms of game mechanics than the Be My Angel bonus, but that's just my personal opinion.  

On the other hand, the insane wins will of course be seen on Be My Angel. Best recorded win I've been able to find on Dynamite Lover is 4827x, no match for those insane 105000x on the left side.

Oh yes, and Merry X-mas y'all :-)

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