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Napoleon slot payed wrong?


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4 Wilds = should be £960

1200 x £0.05p x multiplied by 16x multiplier for 4 wilds.

I think you have been paid for 1 line of jacks with 3 wlds, and 1 full line of 9s with 4 wilds.

possibly because of multiple lines it wasnt gonna pay you for the 4 wilds, not sure this game paytable is confusing. but £1 = £0.05p per line = 20 lines so use the paytable to try and work out why it paid you what it did.

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1 hour ago, Lemonsbluff said:

I've just forced the same set-up and can confirm x174 is correct. I'm a little confused about the wilds and their multipliers, but I'll be honest...this win seems very little!  Maybe someone with more experience on the game can clarify...

Screenshot 2019-09-14 at 20.05.30.png

So this got me curious and i decided to do a force myself except i replaced the middle wild with top symbol, which paid significantly more, you definitely got screwed here, as a wild should always be the best symbol. @jackpothunter

Edit: I tried a few more forces where there were just lines of 4 wilds ending on 9s, it seems that for some reason 4 wilds on a line pays less than 3 wilds + 1 good symbol on a line. Feels kind of broken

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