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Leovegas closed account -.-


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So I had created '2' accounts on www.leovegas.com
the first account was registered on 20/02/2015 I hardly played at this casino I don't even remember taking the welcome bonus or even depositing here.

I don't remember when but I had issues logging in and resetting password I thought I had been hacked or account closed. I registered another account on
13/11/2015 and I didn't deposit then either so I now have 2 accounts and furthermore I had issues logging in so I went to customer service to sort all this out and I explained that
I had the issues and she/he closed the second account created so I was left back to the main account.. the original first account created. I play here a little I deposit, I get verified
and use this as my main account.

also in the year of 2017 deposit £1,000 and what if I had won with that balance would leovegas of paid me or said about rules about 2 accounts? and just used that as an excuse to shut
my account, I get the rules and T&Cs but why would the customer agent on the chat allow me to continue playing here and continue to lose?

Do I get all my net losses back?

would they of paid me for a huge win?

I feel scammed and robbed by leovegas all for having a duplicate account which I did not take advantage of by abusing any welcome bonuses it was a simple mistake and rectified by live chat.

I highly recommend leovegas and sister sites but I feel violated and punished as to why after 4 YEARS they decide to shut my account now because of duplicate account? come on.

And lastly if it was a major issue why did I deposit this year around 2 months ago and have a withdrawal of £300 GBP. if they had any issues then it would of been mentioned then and not now?
All this is because of I set a 6 week cool off for the summer break as I was going on Holiday and I didn't want any marketing material sent to my email I needed a break from gambling.

My account was supposed to re-open on the 30th of August 2019 but I went to live chat and they told me I had breached terms and conditions and the account won't be reopen.

This is really annoying as I play a fair bit at Royal Panda also quite regular which this has an impact on.

So are leovegas going to return my net deposits or reopen my account? I was granted permission to continue playing and all of a sudden you guys to close the account.

the images on the URL explain that my 2 welcome emails, the deposit for this year 2019 and withdrawal and my account being fully verified.


I honestly just can't accept my wrong doing I haven't done anything wrong? -.-




I'm actually more annoyed that my royal panda would be closed due to this also which I play quite regular.. also from a Business POV I had plans to stream on Royal panda from December now I'll have to look else where..

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i have just started to experience this with Grand Ivy they say that my account is being reviewed and i have given all the evidence they have requested but they are still only responding with this, they have given no details of what the review is, what they may need to help with this and a time line, i have just approached my MP and given them all the info in yet another Email sent to Grand Ivy. As well as ignoring my withdrawal requests the requests started timing out and funds being sent back to my account they have locked my account and a request to allow access has just been met with the reply that my account is being reviewed. I have checked the complaints procedure after i logged a complaint and it says should be resolved within 28 days and if you dont agree you can go to and ADR. I am unsure on the impartiality of these ADRs as they promote gambling sites. I possibly am luckier than most as i have screenshots of my account, the pending payments and deposits, My next course of action is to approach my bank to explore chargebacks to my account at least that way i will hopefully get my money back and then i am going to put together an online government petition to ensure stricter controls. I hope you have managed to sort this out

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