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Rare 3 Starburst Re-Trigger


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7 hours ago, MadfoolGaming said:

Went over to Book of the Dead, and cashed out £150.00 for free! Woop!

Congrats :D :D 

30 minutes ago, Geordiemag1 said:

It's not that rare I've had it a lot of times, not played it in about 2 years so it might play differently now. 

It's not that common, so I would call it quite rare as well......

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10 hours ago, dirtystack said:

I've had three stars many times over 100 000+ spins.

Looks like these all dropped in the same spin, which has only happened to me twice in 100 000+ spins.

I was a bit slow on the screen shot, the Left and Right dropped 1st. The middles one came on the free spin from the first 2.

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