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Hello guys Few hours ago i hit this sick win on DOA 2 with 0,45 euro bet !!! 

I'm still trembling af ! I was lucky also cause it was the first time i recorded my win. I had a feeling so i said to myself  "Lets do this"

I uploaded the video on YT (my 1st video ever lol) and i hope Casinogrounds add this win to its next epic videos! :D:D:D


Here is my cashout to give proof: 



Much love and gl to everyone !


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@desity2017 thank you very much miss ! Yes it was just incredible i m still speechless, dunno what to say !

I know that you recently started to stream on Twitch, so i wish you good luck and big hits like this one ! ❤️❤️❤️ 


P.S. Greetings to Slotspinner too, i watched many of his big wins on YT too, He is a very cool streamer :)

@camostylesweden Thanks again bro and much love for your sub yesterday i dont know how to thank you !  I'll see you on Daske's stream !


Greetings from Greece

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@LetsGiveItASpin hahaha thanks a lot m8 i was insipired by your videos when you meet up the NETENT team who created this slot. I was wondering

"Can i win big or i will never hit those wilds?" and here i am my swedish friend !

DoA is my fav slot. I had also an insane win winning 35k and 16k with 7,20 bet plus many other smaller wins back in 2016 - 2017 but this x32.000 was my first big hit in this game! And it came in the 2nd scatter :P when the train failed at the 1st one:D 

So you have to believe my friend. You just have to believe! See you on your stream ❤️

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@Nick thx for the comments and the positive energy you give me guys. You and all the other well known and respected streamers (Letsgiveitaspin Slotspinner Daske David Lab, etc) have done an amazing job growing the slots streaming community!

Thank you so much m8!

GL with your streams and i m wishing you a sick win like this :)



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