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  1. Thanks Skoby yes its really nice Slot but takes to long Time for a Bonus
  2. wow what a Come Back GZ Man
  3. 30. Wildline? WTF
  4. The Orginal Video was 1,5 Hours with arround 800 Spins As you can see, I've already cut it by 1 Hour and you can almost only see the Bonuses
  5. Yes this Slot is Danger like all High Variance Slots ^.......^
  6. Get the Fudge in GZ for this Beauty ^...^
  7. Insane Spin wow... GZ Man
  8. i'm sorry to hear that but i think you have a other slot where you are lucky
  9. this will never happen im sure its a test because only 5 Man and nobody write in chat
  10. GZ Man Dammit 1 Diamond on Wheel 4 payz alone 1000€ ^..^
  11. over 4000€ Profit on one Machine is wasted watching? Hm... ok on the Thumbnail every one can see that in this Video is 12 x Bonus you think every Bonus pays Big win? Or did you think there will be several 1000x Hits?? then you are in the Wrong Forum this here is Big Win Forum (200x-999x) Apart from that, I was about showing this mega run of Scatters and what it has built up over time.... Sorry for wasting 11 Minutes of your Time and have a nice Day I don't think so and there are much worse slots like Starburst, Tome of Madness and so on
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