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Video slots lost two deposits


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I made two deposits back on February 12th 2019 for $500 and then again on February 16th $550 using E-transfer at Video slots. The money never showed up in my VS account because my bank flagged both transactions but later allowed the payments to go through. I was told to wait 30 days and the money would be sent back automatically. I wait a month but nothing. Video slots tell me there is nothing they can do and to contact my bank, who have a recourses to trace the funds. Royal Bank of Canada get back to me after an internal search for the e-transfers and confirm both transactions deposited Feb 12 $500 @ 10:52.16hrs ET also Feb 16 @ 13:34.31hrs ET. I contact Video Slots with the info and they tell me both transactions have been sent back but using a different email address ( I’ve got two email addresses on record) I finally find both Interac emails, click on them but I need a password in order to accept the money. I then try to guess the passwords (what a foolish thing to do, I know) after 3 unsuccessful guesses the e-transfers are automatically cancelled and sent back to Video Slots. Now Video slots telling to to go back to RBC and ask them to locate the money. 

Video Slots username is geggs1

Does anyone have an idea what my next step could be? I’ve already had the bank confirm the money left my checking account and hasn’t been returned.

any help would be much appreciated, thank you!

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50 minutes ago, mosmagic said:

So the money is in your videoslots account?

If so try making a small deposit using another method then withdraw to the new way ie: skrill or credit card. You might have to play through the money once before withdraw though.

I don't see why they passworded the transactions?

Me and the wife send e-transfers to each other every month. Password is used in order to deposit. My VS account shows zero. 

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Turns out all the money was sent back to Gigadat INC the company that handles all funds in transfer. They’ve held a total of $1050 since February 12th 2019. They don’t have an contact numbers and haven’t responded to my email from 2 days ago. All Canadian players should avoid this type of payment because Gigadat can simple take the money and there isn’t anything you can do about it.

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