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about roulette in online casinos


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hey guys 

hope all of are good

wanted to just let me know is there any online casino that has roulette game without magnet and cheating

i want ti try my luck but it seemss that its just magnet if they want they give you yout best number if not you bet 36 number they will put ball in the last one 

soo just wanted to know which online casino u know that they dont cheat and its all by luck thankss

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Hi @ashkan! All of the casinos featured in the Casino Bonus index right here on CasinoGrounds do not make use of magnets. 

All of them are both licensed and regulated by one (or more) regulatory body. Examples of these include the Malta Gaming Authority, The UKGC (UK Gambling Commission) and the Swedish Spelinspektionen. 

All of which crack down hard on the use of magnets, and other ways of manipulating the trajectory and bounce of the ball (air pressure, tilting of the wheel, and other scrupulous methods). 

If any of the operators listed on CasinoGrounds did, they would lose their license, and be blacklisted as "bad casinos", which would be really bad for their business. 

Check out the Casino Bonus Index here

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thanks for your replay

i actully just open account in frand&fred

but still its all connected with evolution gaming that is 100 % scam i dont know how they will get licensed

and when you say they dont cheat or magnet please just visit lightening roulette for 30 min and look at the ball 

its agaist all physics and mathematic :))

soo im not agree with you 

if u have more info let us know thanks

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