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Casino verification before deposits?


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It is actually a disgrace that casinos are allowed to accept deposits before verification, and yet the minute you choose to withdraw you are questioned. I heard there are changes coming, but my question is, I'm sorry but why on earth has this been allowed to happen for so long?

The casinos give you that ridiculous answer about money laundering, oh but wait, you can accept and keep all losses regardless, get the hell out of here, how is that deemed legal!! You haven't verified the source of that deposit, and if it turns out you can't verify the player, you can keep the money regardless, I'm sorry but how that even resides in the world of legal practice i will never know.

This is the exact same principle as serving someone alcohol without checking for ID and they turn out to be underage, you think you're getting away with that, not a chance, you are receiving a massive fine, if not closure, so why has the UKGC allowed these casinos to do this for so long.

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Thats the million dollar question. In the UK the labour government of the time removed a lot of restriction around gambling(early 2000's) which allowed the meteoric rise in FOBT's in bookies, land based and online casinos. This also created a massive number of problem gamblers in the UK and you will see a huge rise in the number of cases of criminal activity surrounding gambling, whether that be money laundering, fraud or anything related to that. The UKGC were year on year pressed to take action on that and they simply ignored it. Now it cannot be ignored so they have been forced to act, too late for most people of course, but at least they now understand the full extent of the problem. It is a step in the right direction alongside Gamstop.

The problem with deposits is that you agree to their T&Cs when depositing funds, the source of funds and the age doesn't matter until 72 hours later when they must perform the relevant checks. I agree, it should never have been the case in the past, but it has been allowed to continue undetected for years.

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I completely agree with you on this, I am waiting on a cashout because my documents have to be reviewed, if I had done this before depositing on all three of the cards I had used before this I wouldn’t have this issue with it!! If I could have done this before I would have! As well as that I know I should always upload my documents before hand anyway but it’s hassle to do so asking the banks for all this to prove I am who I say I am! And I do earn money etc.....

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Some sites make you verify before you do anything but I think some sites (the good 1s) let you verify at a withdraw stage because a lot of people just want to sign up and play right away rather than wait but i agree verying at sign up is a great move. Another thing that might interest people is  the competitions market authority make a lot of the rulings. They work with the gambling commission and sometimes people think it's just the gambling commission that makes these rules. The reason why they changed the bonus structure also in the UK was down to the competition markets authority if you look at the screenshot. Another thing that you might find interesting if you're in the UK is they're looking at making it that if you deposit £10 you can also withdraw that amount since some sites like lv bet have a minimum of £20 to withdraw. Things are certainly starting to get fairer!


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