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Now 2 major providers for online roulette evolution gaming & Netent but there's something I dont quite understand...................

we all know roulette is the devils wheel and a mugs game especially in UK bookmakers [Fuck the FOBTs] anyway... the point I'm making is why does netent allow such high bets for roulette?

£1 min and £75,000 max per spin on netent 

£1 min on evolution and Varies from different casino Max can be £1.000 per spin up to £10,000 I've seen.

even if you were a professional footballer £75,000 spins wouldn't last long even a billionaire wouldn't last long doing them crazy spins and advertising that amounts is only going to go 1 way for the players to be proper screwed in life.

also Netent roulette is shit, ball would hit around the 10 area /tier and magically go all around the table near zero section and just keep bouncing if you watch a few spins you'll understand. I've lost a lot to netent roullete I no longer play it. if they managed to get improvement dealers, better studios better quality system videos and cap it at a decent amount I may return for a few spins.

evolution gaming I've managed to win some decent amounts and cash out I do like playing roulette but doing huge spins is just going to go 1 way and that's the devil wheels way and eventually ruin your life unless you are a sensible gambler.

I don't know but do the UKGC have to license each game before they are put out there? roulette is a table game how does that work but surely I don't know who'd authorize £75,000 spins it's just not right lol...........

In my opinion I think evolution, netent and other table games should cap it at £2,500 or even lower to £1,000 per spin/hand/game even then you could still run into trouble but its way lower than what it is now.






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@themagics92 its high mate those limits but they are catering for the big hitters. Players that like to go big.

It looks very high to the normal punter but i will bet that there are some huge players out thare that will bet 30-40 k a spin. And that limit may not be enough for the big hitters.

Also they may lose millions but some people in the world can stand to drop 2-3 million on roulette.

But also the casino's no that these players if they get a hot streak going they can take the casino for a few million.

Probably the higher percentage is loosing but people with 100's of millions or billions want the rush of gambling because they are bored with civilian life.

Also the casino's may limit these big hitters to a certain level on say a single number 35-1.  But players like those people have a direct line to the casino CEO, or the owner to give them a call and say im playing tonight. They will get 500,000 put in there account on a honour and agreement between player and top people in the casino. I wouldnt think sums like that will be constantly deposited.

Its a different world that level magics. Be interesting to watch a player like that. Be an eye opener.

Thats just my thoughts on your post magics.??.

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