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Legends of the Pharaohs Big Bets.. Mega win


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@SuperSmask wow! Mario and the big bet games. Nearly on the banned list, thats a neary people. 

Smask staying with it on the advice of huggehugg. And boom its hit out the park.

10 spins with 10's as wilds and a really good connection paid upto 4100 odd kr, last spin a chance for a trade over to the 3 by 3 Ankh symbol. 

Rolling through the middle reels it eventually connected. Beautiful connection. Really put the bonus up in the heavans.

Very nice mario, 10,300 kr final total. It was worth those 200 kr, 20 euro buys. Really paid off.

Big congratz supersmask and enjoy those winnings. Very enjoyable video.??.

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3 minutes ago, BTGKinG said:

So happy to see you again @Craig smith

Oh almost forgot, nice win supersmask. Love this game, but don't have the money or balls for big bets. But still like to play it on normal bets. This slot and Dr. Jekyll goes wild is some of my favorit Williams slots. 

Hi thare mark. Nice to see you. I have left you a couple of e mails. I hope your enjoying italy.

I no this is supersmasks win but mario wont mind. ( i hope ) smask hit such a sweet win on the big bets. 

I started to get my head in gear mark and although its tough i had to engage my mind into something.

So i came back to casinogrounds and started commenting on players wins. I feel a bit better today so i have just kept on commenting.

Thanks for your time BTGking in e mailing me and i think its helped me. So thankyou. ☺

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