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Quickspin, does Eastern Emeralds actually pay..no of course not


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Quickspin, perhaps stick to what you know, Eastern Emeralds is the biggest load of rubbish i've ever played, don't state a game has so and so potential when i haven't seen it pay once, don't become another Netent...which reminds me, why are they even still operating as a provider when nobody ever wins on their slots, baffling, makes me wonder if they code their games to distribute all the rtp in the 1-10x win bracket because that's the biggest win you'll ever see,  the last time i saw a 1000x on a netent slot.......actually when was that??

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On 02/09/2018 at 15:02, BTGKinG said:

here we go again, please stop playing @jchneo it seems like it streeses you out to much. Who are you gonna be angry with tomorrow Big time gaming, playngo or is a casino you gonna complain about?

mate you're about 2 months behind on this thread, why don't you go attack someone else, seems like all you affiliates and casinoground pawns try to bash anyone that wants to expose this industry for what it is, go spend all your money and stay naive thinking it's all random, one day you will wake up

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Most new releases now are just silly varience. BTG have paved the way. Granted they have great slots with superb potential. The thing is they play like progressive slots, so that so called potential is never realised. 

At first loved there slots, now I can’t be bothered. 

As stated on another thread I’ve gone back old school. My deposits last longer and I enjoy it much more. 

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On 23/07/2018 at 00:25, jchneo said:

Quickspin, perhaps stick to what you know...


Well I personally like Quickspin, they use pretty graphics and adventurous themes which give a better user/gambler experience. My experience with their games is quite positive, and they seem to be among the developers of the fairest casino games.  I suggest all players try Quickspin Casinos like Betsson and Bet365.

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