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Monster hit on Donuts!


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@jackpotmentality awesome win, its up thare with the biggest wins i have seen on donuts. My memory tells me this is the 2 nd biggest win i have commented on.

Just over 7 k leads the way. Some player hit that.

Yourself playing a 10 sek bet stake, 1 euro, just a 12 spin bonus but thats all it needed.

What a hit on the purple donuts, top symbol for 27,450 sek, 2745 euro which made the bonus for you.

Final total 30,012 sek., just over 3000 euro's.

Big congratz on your win from just a 1 euro bet, 3 k back. The way donuts is set up its set up for huge wins. But there is alot of not so good bonuses also.

Enjoy the winnings.??. Just your 1 st post aswel on casinogrounds. Welcome.

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