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Hi. Luckily I deposited just 40 euro, but this KYC is kinda hilarious. So better not play, unles you do not care about your privacy


Before moving forward with your case we would like to perform a KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure.
Please provide us with the following documents:
1) A selfie with ID / passport / driving license in hands (high quality) and a note indicating the current date.
2) A selfie with the casino live chat in the background while holding the ID.
3) A scanned photo with the front/back of the ID / passport / driving license.
4) Proof of address - Utility bill no older than 90 days, showing all 4 corners of the document.
Proof of deposit is required. Bellow you can find the requirements:
1) A scan / screenshot of the bank account (not older than 90 days):
- Bank Name
- Bank address
- Name on account (your account name as it appears on your bank statement)
- IBAN number (this is 24 characters in length)
- SWIFT or BIC number (8 or 11 characters in length)
- Must show Bank Logo
- Screenshots must show full page
- proof of the deposit made showing company name and amount sent
2) For Neteller or Skrill:
- We require the ID and verification code of the Neteller/Skrill account you used to deposit.
- Print screen of the e-wallet used showing your credentials
- Proof of the deposit made showing company name and amount sent
3) Credit/debit card:
- The front and back of the credit or debit card you used when making your deposit(s) (If you used this deposit method); otherwise print screen of any e-wallet used showing your full credentials.
- Proof of the deposit made showing company name and amount sent
   The credit card must show:
- Both Front and Back of card must be received
- Cover the middle 8 digits of your credit card. The first and last 4 digits must be visible
- CVC/CVV number must be covered
- Must correspond with credit card number used on casino
- Picture must show whole card
4) We would also like to ask you to provide us with a screenshot of this page: https://www.whatismyip.com/
5) If any other deposit/cashout method (not mentioned in this email) is used, proof of the method needs to be provided before any payment is made.
Please attach the required documents in a reply to this email.
This is a one time procedure and after that you will be able to enjoy deposits and cashouts as you wish. But if you change your credit card or use a new method, for example, you will have to re-upload the new documents for every method.
Thank you for your attention. 


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It's easy. 

Why the advanced verification?
Because people like this will say, man. I just deposited 20 euro and this is to much hassle for my 80 euro cashout. 
I might just play it away instead of doing this. To much work. 

It's disgusting, but smart.
Not in the long run since they will gain bad reviews but then they can just close the named casino and open a new one with another name. 

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