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BTG games just don't like me.


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@SweFjorod just a bad run swefjorod. Wee all get it. I like extra chilli and i have had some ok wins on it. Im a 20-40 p player. 

Most losses for me on the wheel going all the way to try and get 24 spins is 7 losses.  Take the good with the bad on extra chilli.

Main thing is staying in control. You lose your budget thats it because like lots of slots this will tilt you. To go again and again and again. Its designed that way.

But watching your video i understand wanting to go all the way or get to 20 spins/24. Good of you to show the loosing side because as wee all no its not all winning.?.

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2 hours ago, burhan.k said:

why people gamble 16 spins is beyond me?

The realistic only way to get big wins is to gamble to the highest number unfortunately.

I stick to SG big bet machines - I feel as though I never make a profit on BTG big bets (Even when I had White rabbit retrigger 3 times it never paid) 

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