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Thought I'd show some 1000x+ wins in different games


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First all I'm new to the forum


So these are all hits that I've gotten a while ago, and some of them didnt share before.

Also I just recently started recording some of my bonusrounds and freespins, and hit some nice ones on there too.. I was wondering what's the easiest way to upload them to post it here, any tips/advice welcome.


The 2nd wild dropped in perfect, resulting in 15+ orange green and pinks with a 2x.. I think my best Stake wise hit on Reactoons (unfortunate minbet)


Not sure what this one ended up.. I think just over 300€ 



and to finish it off another 1500x reactoons



These were all the 1000+ I could easily find in my screenshot folder..Hope to be back with the videos next time :)



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