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Does anyone else think that the UKGC and UKGOV have fucked all bonuses for UK players at pretty much every casino website?...

What I mean is that since the new ruling of Bonuses can't be attached to real money and can withdraw anytime and the GOV are making all bonuses taxable, there is hardly any casinos offering a good weekly bonus or deposit bonuses.

I remember Casumo every week used to give out 80% bonuses up to £240 I always used to put £300 in without a problem and now its like 30 free spins on book of dead or something, free spins don't appeal to me or pretty much anyone.

GUTS used to be a good other 1 every Monday 40% up to £40 etc.

what I'm trying to say is unless you have a huge affiliate channel YouTube/twitch there isn't much for a regular player to receive other than a welcome bonus and even some UK casinos have removed them due to these reasons. *Yes the affiliate big channel names deserve a deposit bonus they've worked hard for their channel & content but regular players need something also sometimes*

The only weekly deposit bonus I get now days is from redbet / winningroom 50% up to £50 not bad but it is hefty wagering.

I'm pretty sure some casinos could just do 1 deposit bonus per month e.g 100% up to £100 but yet just nothing.

what offers do you get and where? :o



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I'm actually quite supportive of what the UKGC are trying to achieve. The casinos will eventually adjust once they get their heads around the 'stop attaching strings' directive. Videoslots for example has a reputation for having an excellent weekly cashback system which is considered both rewarding and fair. This seems like the model to follow.

No sympathy for casinos on this topic at all. They took the piss for far too long and caused this situation.

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Doesn't pay to be loyal to a casino these days if you're after bonuses. Those days are long gone.

If you are after bonuses, best to jump from new casino to new casino and claim the SUBs. There are still lots of 200% offers around and wagering can be as low as 25x if you know where to look. I see the same 150-200 people join a new casino within hours of it going live. It's not abuse, just savvy players who want extra play time.

I do have a few high-rollers I speak to now and then. One of them for example has 100% up to £1000 every week based on the premise he deposits without bonuses through the week. Then again, if you spend £40k a month the casino values you!

Personally, I never take bonuses now. Pure cash all the way = no BS when making a withdrawal.

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Personally don’t really like taking bonuses anymore as some of the terms attached are ridiculous. My least favourite thing being restricted games you can’t play while having a bonus active. Can’t remember exactly where it was but I think despite having a non sticky bonus couldn’t play DOA or white rabbit while using my cash first. Also wouldn’t want to risk falling foul of bonus terms if I did something like a feature drop would that then make it possible for winnings to be Confiscated even if I didn’t touch bonus balance as it would exceed bet size limits etc

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