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Big Bets on Mighty Black Knigt HUGE hit!


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4 hours ago, Super flipish said:

was that 500kr bet and 6716 kr win? How is that huge 

Hi thare super flipish, i no what you mean by saying how is that huge. Supersmask bought a super feature for 500 kr, 50 euro and won 6716 kr, just over 670 euro so he has won 620 euro out of the whole bet and win. 

Maybe you dont see it as huge but others do and thats absaloutly fair and ok. Its at everybody's own view and feeling towards the win that they are entitled to convey.

Also aswel a lot of members bring a fun element to comments and it can be a joyful win for them to see and they convey that by what type of comment they write.

Low rollers that play 0.20 euro or 0.30, 0.40 euro stakes will see this as a big or huge win and it is a big win. 620 euro clear profit is a fair whack.

Its upto the members super flipish to comment and if they want to put huge down to a win that could be huge to some thats fine. It also gives the player posting the win something nice to read. 

If you dont think its huge thats fine. Its entirely up to you if you think that and want to post it up as a comment. I have tried to give you what i think as a breakdown and its just me going into story mode as usual but yeah why not. I found your comment interesting so i commented on it and tried to answer your question the best i could, on how is that huge.???.

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