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Anyone else excited for the new btg slot donuts that release today?


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I know I am as a low roller 5p spins on a megaways game means can get a minimum of 200 spins from a £10 deposit and the bonus looks interesting with the potential to start with 70x or higher multiplier a couple slow rolls on that could help build a nice starting balance for something like 20/40p bonanza plays 

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@Azzablags hi thare azza, yip im looking forward to the new BTG slot. Im not sure what casino's are getting it. Or it may be across the board and every casino gets it. 

But any big time gaming slot that is released is always interesting azza. Volatility is crucial in todays slot play.

Its important BTG keep that trend going. I have read the review about the slot on CG. 

Max stake 12.50 euro/pounds. That says a lot. And although looking at the slot with its 4×4 set up it does not look volatile to the eye. But it is.

That multiplyer as you mention is a massive part and unlimited retriggers are a part of it.  Yes im looking forward to it azza.???.

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I’m torn between opening up a PokerStars account or just waiting till the 4th of July when it’s no longer exclusive I believe 

edit don’t have valid Id to get an account verified as no drivers licence and not sure where my passport is so guess I’ll be waiting to play this 

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39 minutes ago, danishcomfort said:

Has BTG again sold out to a not very good casino, to put it in a nice way. As always read Term and Condition BEFORE the first deposit. But, some good news - Book of Gods is finally at Leovegas and other good casinos out there.

Thanks danish for letting me no that. Im looking forward to it. Although your magical video, all 22 minutes of it will take a bit of beating on the retriggers anyway. But thanks for the heads up.?.

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